Moving to Gulf – Etiquette in the Gulf

Knowing the proper business etiquette of your potential client or partner’s country is the key to success of your business transaction. Within the Arab world, practicing the proper Arabian business etiquette is paramount, as these countries.
Knowing the proper business etiquette of your potential client or partner’s country is the key to success of your business transaction. Within the Arab world, practicing the proper Arabian business etiquette is paramount, as these countries value order, rules and tradition.

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By following their respected and time-honored business etiquette traditions, you will effectively demonstrate your own intellect and class, proving to your Arabian business partners that you are worthy and deserving of their attention, respect and business.

The Role of Arabic Culture in Proper Arabian Business Etiquette

Taking time to understand the religion, politics and social structure of the Arabic world is the first step to understanding the basis of the proper business etiquette of this region:

  • Islam: This is the primary religion practiced throughout the Arab world, heavily influencing day-to-day social customs, as well as proper Arabian business etiquette. Drinking alcohol and eating pork/shellfish/birds are forbidden by Islamic custom. While consuming caffeine and nicotine are also discouraged, neither is absolutely forbidden.These precise restrictions demonstrate the way in which the Arab world privileges compliance, order, rules and structure.
  • Islamic rule of law: This refers to a system of government (rather than a set of religious practices), and dictates the political, social and economic atmospheres of Arab countries. Everything, from the way women dress to the rules for marriage to punishment for crimes, is outlined according to the Islamic rule of law (also referred to as Sharia).While more specific aspects of the Islamic commercial law may affect your business transactions (particularly if you are trying to market a new product in this region), the general themes defining this political system are conservatism, masculinity, compliance and tradition. Punishments are strict for rule breakers, so following the rules (rather than bucking the system) is the way to gain honor and respect in the Arab world.
  • Social classes: The Arab world follows a strict caste system that prevents mobility between classes. It is really difficult to progress from the poorer lower class to the wealthy upper class. When translated to the world of business etiquette, the strict social structure indicates that power, authority and structure itself are highly valued in business transactions.

Values Respected in Arab Countries

The following values not only define many aspects of Arab countries, but they can also help you gain respect within them:

  • Consistency (rather than change)
  • Loyalty
  • Predictability (rather than risk)
  • Respect for authority

Business Meeting Etiquette

From your initial greeting to your final exit, here are some general Arabic business etiquette tips that will help you demonstrate to your potential new partners that you have cultural understanding and awareness:

  • Greetings: Rather than “hello” or “good morning,” greet your Arab partner by saying “Assalamo Alaikum,” which translates to “May peace be upon you and may God’s blessings be with you.” This is the traditional Islamic greeting exchanged in Arab countries.
  • Planning: Since Islamic principles and culture value structure and order, make sure that you have a well-defined plan for your business meeting. If possible, write up an agenda that you can distribute to your Arab business partner. Creating, sticking to and announcing your plan will demonstrate not only your organization and business savvy but also your knowledge of and respect for Arabic business etiquette.
  • Translations: In addition to having Arabic interpreters at your business meeting, you will also want an Arabic translation for each document you will use during your meeting. Having an accurate Arabic translation for each document will facilitate communication with your business partners, and show that you are willing to go the extra mile for them.
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  • What to Avoid: Given the Islamic dietary restrictions, avoid ordering or serving meat, pork, fish or fowl to your Arabian business partners. If you are choosing a restaurant for a business meeting, be sure there are plenty of vegetarian options available.

Similarly, refrain from smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and consuming caffeine during your meeting. All of these practices are also frowned upon in Islamic culture and, therefore, go against proper Arabic business meeting etiquette.

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