For Hospitals

Everything depends on accurate approach

Medical sector is one of the most complex in terms of finding proper people. It is not just applications from candidates, but a studied processes that allow to find the best match. GE Hunter has a long experience in relation to this particular group of employees. That is why we are so efficient on that field.

1. Understanding employer needs

Our projects start by initiating an in-depth review of the client’s specific priorities and requirements together with an understanding of the general work conditions and culture the client are working under.

This is followed by a review of the position itself – understanding the experience needed, further the formal requirements in terms of certificates and licenses, personality and other soft factors.

The result of this is Strategy Briefing Document including a detailed Job Description, information about the client, information about the location and finally the project plan with the search strategy and time plan.

2. Attracting the candidates

Having agreed above we prepare Project Brief Document to present the position to potential candidates.

Then the tailor-made search will start and dependent on every single case we will use our comprehensive database, advertising, co-operation with our country-based researchers and in more specific cases via a traditional head-hunting procedure.

3. Assessing the candidates

This is three step processes; the first step is a presentation of the Project Brief Document with all necessary information about the client, the job content and the country specifics and culture.
The second step is a phone interview to assess the Candidates “match” for the vacant role alongside with the motivational aspects. The motivated candidate will progress further with a tailor made testing prepared by GE hunter medical.
Finally, the third step will be a final interview sum up potential issues before taking mutually a final decision to present the candidate.

In this process of course the professional competency together with verification of certificates will be checked as well as motivation factors for the candidate and his family.
Further we make an assessment of the cultural ability to adapt to a new location and finally we conduct a reference check.

All the successful candidates have met the following prerequisites:

  • the legislative criteria in terms of professional authorizations, record checks and permits
  • the medical requests stated in the job description
  • Demonstrate together with family ( optionally ) understanding and motivation to re-locate
  • Passed our different level of assessment steps in interviews and tests
  • Been successful in local interviews at the premises of the client in the new country

4. Introductions

When the client decides to appoint the candidate and signs the contract, we offer a range of services dependent of the requirement from the client.
Being tailor-made to fit every need in every situation we offer following:


  • Language Training, geared towards professional, medical language and the typical situations to be confronted in the new work environment. Special emphasis is placed on preparing candidates for good communication with patients and colleagues.
  • Professional Adaptation Training, focusing on procedures and legislation that often vary between countries, regions or even individual places of work. In most cases, this part of the course is taught by officials from the given area’s local health authorities.


  • An introduction of the Arabic culture, religion and lifestyle in the new country.

Relocation support

During the training program and on arrival in the new country, we could also assist candidates and their families in all practical areas concerning a move to a new country. It might potentially involve a lot of practical issues to deal with and we assist in:

  • Applying for residency and attaining the required medical authorizations
  • Finding initial housing, schools and/or kindergarten for children and organizing the physical move
  • Support in how to find jobs for spouses and assistance in other practical issues and questions


A move to a new country is not only a decision for the candidate but also includes the family. In all activities above we make sure we involve also the family.

5. Stay in touch

After the candidate started the assignment we are in regular contact with both the client and the candidate. We assist in daily challenges and reacting to any emergencies.