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We welcome applications from you with a skilled healthcare professional background ready to re-locate to the Gulf region. We will help you prepare well for your new job abroad not only so you fully understands the local professional requirements but also make sure you get an understanding of the culture and lifestyle in the new country.
Moving to a new country is a big step and not only professionally, many practical issues need to be resolved and, if you have a family, the move will have an equally big impact on the lives of your family. Therefore we are assisting in all these practical issues connected to a re-location.​

Medical professionals who want to work in the Gulf hospitals must obtain specific licenses depending on whether they are interns, general practitioners, specialists, consultants or resident doctors. Rules and regulations are differ in every country of the Gulf but all of licensing procedures involve time, payment of fees, examination and finally ministry approvals. It can last from 2-5 months.  Thus we recommend you to take initial steps earlier and prepare general documentation, such as:

  • ​Certificates,
  • Diplomas,
  • Good Conduct Certificate if necessary.

​All documents should be scanned and translated into English by sworn translator.
To learn more details, please go into Licensing steps.
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1. Our clients

Our clients are world-class hospitals in the Gulf region and most of them are internationally accredited, are functioning according to the highest medical standards and have preferred links with local & Western Universities.

​Our clients are in general – specialized and teaching hospitals in the public – as well in the state of the art private hospitals.

2. How to apply

You can apply for an open position you find under “current assignments” or you can apply as general interest for future potential openings.
The easiest way is to use “let’s be in touch” at the bottom of the page and send us your CV. We can assure you that all your details are managed with highest confidentiality.
You are of course also welcome to email  to and please don’t hesitate if you have any questions to contact us.

3. The recruitment process

When a Candidate matches the needs and requirements of a position we will get in touch and if a mutual interest we provide the Candidate with a full Project Brief document including all information about the position, the hospital and the country specifics and culture.

If the Candidate likes to go ahead a five step process starts;

  • Phone interview A first interview takes place to discuss the professional background; language skills and also what drives the person to take the step relocate to a new country, assure the Candidate understands what it means to adapt to a new lifestyle and live in a different culture and of course also this is a decision taken not only the Candidate but also family.The motivated Candidate will progress further with tailored made testing.
  • Medical consultant review  – optionally Different countries have different systems and the education and certification in most cases has to be verified by the local Ministry of Health. To assure a smooth process and no surprised as a next step our Medical consultant will review all formal documents and when necessary going through with the Candidate and clarify if any doubts needed to be straighten out.
  • Final interview – sum up When the verification of all paperwork is done and the Candidate meet all the formal requirements and demonstrated the right motivation there will be a final sum up interview.This is to make sure the Candidate fit to the culture in the hospital and to become an appreciated member of the future team.
  • Client selection process For selected Candidates next step is to get in touch with the Client. The process differs from hospital to hospital and the different locations however as a first step the Candidate are invited to visit or to have the initial phone interview with the new potential employer. When there is a mutual interest to start a co-operation the formal proceedings will start.
  • Proceedings In addition to the verification of the certificates other formalities such as work permit needs to be taken care of. This can take time and patience is needed. Although if all formalities in order the Candidate will also go through a local test which will verify the competence.

4. Supports

When the client decides to appoint the Candidate and contract signed we offer a range of services dependent of the requirement from the client.


  • An introduction of the Arabic culture, religion and lifestyle in the new country.

Relocation support

During the duration of the training program and on arrival in the new county, we could also assist candidates and their families in all practical areas concerning a move to a new country. It might potentially involve a lot of practical issues to deal with and we assist in:

  • Applying for residency and attaining the required medical authorizations
  • Finding initial housing, schools and/or kindergarten for children and organizing the physical move
  • Support in how to find jobs for spouses and assistance in other practical issues and questions


A move to new country is not only a decision for the candidate but also includes the family. In all activities above we make sure we involve also the family.

5. Stay in touch

After the candidate started the assignment we are in regular contact with both the client and the candidate. We assist in daily challenges and reacting to any emergencies