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One can see a people vacancy in a company as an organizational problem. But it is worth looking at the situation from another perspective. Adding the “perfect match” to an organization allows it to achieve unrivalled effectiveness, by creating internal synergy between the company and its employees. This is our task.

By using advanced research methodology and our project management policy, we are able to find and attract anybody, anywhere. Let us find “the right person” for you.

Headquartered in Barcelona and operating across Europe and Asia with special expertise in the emerging markets, as well as in the Gulf region, we are working cross border. With culture and multi-diversity managed with sensitivity and professional understanding, we are able to work globally with ease.

Our Service

  • Medical

    We specialize in recruiting doctors and dentists for private hospitals located in the Gulf region, such as Kuwait, UAE, Qatar and Bahrain.
  • 20

    years of experience

  • 96%

    success rate

  • 8 - 16

    Candidates interviewed per project

  • 92